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Crypto Casinos

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you should know what cryptocurrency is. Even if you don’t exactly know how it works, you’ve heard the term. Did you know that there are crypto casinos in Canada? The fact that you’ve clicked on this page shows us that you’re interested in online casinos. Who isn’t in the 21st century? On this page, we’re going to try and answer pretty much all the questions you have regarding casinos that use crypto in Canada.

Best Crypto Casinos for Canadians

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FastPay Casino
FastPay Casino
Fairspin Casino
Fairspin Casino
Bitstarz Casino
Jet Casino
Jet Casino
Izzi Casino
Izzi Casino
Oshi Casino

Best Crypto Casinos by Category

We won’t deny the fact that the concept of crypto is a little hard to comprehend. Especially if you have no prior experience with it. That’s why we want to reward you with the best online casinos that use crypto before we begin. Just know that you can use all major cryptos circulating right now on these gambling sites.

Crypto casinos in Canada
🏆 Best Bitcoin CasinoKing Billy
🎲 Most Casino GamesLucky Days
🔥 Newest Crypto CasinoCasino Friday
⚡️ Fastest Bitcoin WithdrawalsFastPay Casino
Lucky Days
Lucky Days
Min deposit $20.00
Time to withdraw One to five days
Casino Friday
Casino Friday
Min deposit $10.00
Time to withdraw One to five days
FastPay Casino
FastPay Casino
Min deposit $10.00
Time to withdraw One to five days
KingBilly Casino
King Billy
Min deposit $10.00
Time to withdraw One week

What is Cryptocurrency?

In simple words, cryptocurrency is a decentralized means of transactions. “Decentralized” means there is no central authority to regulate the price and circulation of the currency. Centralized authority in this case would be a bank. Or, the government. All of the traditional money we have are circulated through banks and regulated by the government.

Crypto, on the other hand, is completely controlled by the users. It’s achieved with “blockchain” technology. Think of it as a private network on the internet where nodes (users) transfer cryptos between them, on a peer-to-peer (P2P) basis.

Every single transaction is recorded on the blockchain and is accessible by all users. For this very reason, cryptocurrencies have become extremely popular in a very short time as a mode of payment. Because there are no chances for delays, double charging, or fraudulent transactions.

Now that you have somewhat an idea of what cryptocurrency or “crypto” is, it should be easy to wrap your head around crypto casinos. These are online casinos that accept crypto as payments. And you can withdraw your funds with them as well.

The Concept of Provably Fair

At least for some time, payment was the only paradigm online operators explored. But now, we’re beyond that. We now live in the era of “provably fair” algorithm and most modern crypto casinos are embracing it.

The term “provably fair” is somewhat self-explanatory, don’t you think? It’s fairness you can prove! Before it was a thing, the only aspect of online casino fairness was tied to the RNG (Random Number Generator). Licensing authorities, as well as 3rd party auditors, check the fairness of RNG to ensure that the games are safe.

Although it has been a long-standing practice, the user, as in you, never had any say in the fairness check. But with the introduction of provably fair casinos, you do.

In this algorithm, there are 2 seeds. 1 comes from the casino and the other 1 comes from the user. Instead of an RNG, these 2 seeds are hashed to create random results for any game.

Now that you know both paradigms, let’s get back to our original discussion where we plan to spend time at casinos that use crypto as a payment method.

Crypto Wallets

The prerequisite to playing at the best crypto casinos is that you need a crypto wallet. If you’re familiar with e-wallets for fiat currency, crypto wallets work in a similar way. They store crypto safely encoded by your unique wallet address.

So, if you don’t have a wallet in the first place, that’s where you need to start. There are 2 main types of crypto wallets.

Software WalletsMost commonly used method to store and send/receive crypto. Similar to e-wallets, you visit the website for your preferred crypto wallet and open an account. Every time you need to use the wallet, you need to sign in to your account.
Hardware WalletsThe safest kind of crypto wallet in our time. Although it’s unlikely for you to invest in a hardware wallet just for the sake of crypto casinos, we believe you should know about these. Basically, it’s an electronic device to store your crypto, disconnected from the internet.

Once you have your wallet ready, you’ll need some crypto at your disposal to deposit into the best crypto casinos. As Bitcoin casinos and Ethereum casinos are the most common, you can start right there.

The easiest way to get your hands on crypto is by buying them from an exchange. You can use regular fiat currency methods like credit/debit cards or PayPal to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum. Then, you can start playing at your favorite casino right away.

How to Open an Account in Crypto Casino?

Well, you might be worried about opening accounts at crypto casinos. There’s a misconception that you need to be tech-savvy to play at these casinos. However, that’s not true at all. You can directly open up accounts at casinos that use crypto just like you would do with other casinos.

Step 1

Find a crypto casino

Find a crypto casino from our list first. One thing you need to check beforehand is what cryptos the casino accepts. As of now, there are more than 6,500 cryptocurrencies. Different operators go for different ones. But if you’re using Bitcoin or Ethereum, it’s safe to assume that most crypto casinos will accept them.

Step 2

Find the registration form

Visit the casino website. Find the registration button and click on it.

Step 3

Fill in the information about yourself

Enter the required information on the form.

Step 4

Check out the bonus offers

If there’s a welcome bonus against your crypto deposit, make sure you claim it. considering the volatile nature of the industry, you can expect great returns in the long run.

How to Make a Deposit in a Casino that Accepts Crypto?

Depositing at crypto online casinos is a fairly straightforward process if you’ve adhered to the previous steps correctly. By previous steps, we mean getting your crypto wallet ready and having accepted cryptocurrencies in that.

Here’s what the deposit process generally looks like.

  1. Log in to the online casinos that accept crypto. Visit the deposit page.
  2. Locate the crypto you want to use. Click on it.
  3. You should get a QR code or a unique address. The QR code also refers to the same address. It’s the crypto casino’s address where you need to send the money.
  4. Open your wallet and scan the QR code. If it’s an address, type it in the sender’s field. Double-check the number before you authenticate the deposit.
  5. If everything goes well, you should instantly find your crypto in the account.

How to Withdraw from a Crypto Casino?

Just like the deposit, you can withdraw crypto using your wallet address. The process is very much streamlined now as lots of crypto online casinos have popped up all over Canada.

A great benefit, in this case, is that most crypto wallets are pre-approved at online casinos. It means you can instantly expect the withdrawal. Unlike fiat currency casinos, you don’t have to wait for days to get your funds!

  1. Log into your account and navigate to the withdrawal page.
  2. Select the crypto you want to use for the withdrawal. If you’ve already deposited using it once, it should be automatically selected.
  3. This time, you’ll need to provide your wallet address to the casino. It’s simply the opposite process of entering the casino’s address in your wallet. If you’re not sure where to find your address, just go into your wallet app and look around a bit.
  4. Request the withdrawal. Check your wallet balance after 5 minutes. It should be already there!

How Do We Rate Cryptocurrency Casinos in Canada?

All casinos must go through an evaluation process:

Provably FairAlthough it’s not a concrete requirement, it’s better if we can find a provably fair crypto casino.
LicenseCrypto or not, an online casino must have proper licensing for our readers.
GamesThe more casino games, the better the casino tends to be. We look for good software providers and a versatile game library.
SupportHow the overall support structure is designed plays a very important role in our ratings.


  • Crypto casinos are online casinos that use cryptocurrencies as a means of deposit and withdrawal.
  • Crypto casinos are often anonymous, meaning that players do not need to provide any personal information to open an account.
  • Crypto casinos offer a higher level of security than traditional online casinos, as they are not subject to the same regulations.
  • Crypto casinos are often located in countries with lax gambling laws, such as Costa Rica.
  • Crypto casinos offer a wide variety of games, including slots, table games, and sports betting.
  • Crypto casinos often have lower fees than traditional online casinos, as they are not subject to the same taxes.
  • Crypto casinos offer a higher level of anonymity than traditional online casinos, as players do not need to provide any personal information to open an account.
  • Crypto casinos are often located in countries with lax gambling laws, such as Costa Rica.


The casinoforcanada.com team aims to provide high quality information. To ensure this, reliable and high-quality information sources are always used. The following sources are used in this article:

The article complies with all the editorial principles of casinoforcanada.com. In case of inaccuracies, contact the casinoforcanada.com team using the contact form at the bottom of the page. We will be glad to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are crypto casinos safe?

Cryptocurrencies are one of the safest methods for payments ever. The term “crypto” is derived from “cryptography”, one of the strongest encryption protocols of modern times. Moreover, all of the transactions are validated by multiple nodes so there are no options for fraudulent transactions.

Which casinos accept crypto as payment method?

The number of crypto casinos is not nearly as high as the rest of the payment methods. But the trend is changing as more and more operators are coming forward. You can find lots of Bitcoin casinos, Ethereum casinos, and even Ripple casinos in Canada. We’ve just gathered them on this page for you.

Is crypto good for gambling?

It’s the best for gambling if you ask us! Primarily because the safety metrics of cryptocurrencies are higher than any other currency on the planet right now. Moreover, crypto wallets are considered pre-approved at online casinos. So, you don’t have to wait even a minute for the withdrawal.

What is a crypto casino?

A crypto casino is a type of online casino that uses cryptocurrencies as a means of deposit and withdrawal. Cryptocurrencies are a type of digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography to secure its transactions and to control the creation of new units of the currency. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning they are not subject to government or financial institution control. Bitcoin, the first and most well-known cryptocurrency, was created in 2009.

What are the benefits of using a crypto casino?

Crypto casinos offer a number of advantages over traditional online casinos. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that they allow players to deposit and withdraw using cryptocurrency, which offers a number of advantages over traditional fiat currencies. Crypto casinos also tend to have lower fees than traditional online casinos, and they offer near-instant withdrawals. Another benefit of crypto casinos is that they are often more anonymous than traditional online casinos, which can be a major advantage for players who value their privacy.

How do I deposit funds into a crypto casino?

The first step is to find a reputable crypto casino that accepts the cryptocurrency you want to use for deposits. Once you’ve found a casino you trust, the next step is to send your cryptocurrency to the casino’s wallet address. The casino will then credit your account with the corresponding amount of funds.

How do I withdraw funds from a crypto casino?

Assuming you are asking how to withdraw funds from an online casino that accepts cryptocurrency, the process should be fairly similar to withdrawing funds from a regular online casino. Most crypto casinos will require you to withdraw funds to the same wallet from which you deposited, and some may require you to go through a verification process before allowing withdrawals. Once you have initiated a withdrawal, the casino will send the funds to your wallet, and you should see them in your account within a few minutes to an hour.

What is the house edge at a crypto casino?

The house edge at a crypto casino is the percentage of each bet that the casino expects to keep over the long run. This edge is built into the games offered by the casino, and it gives the casino a mathematical advantage over the player. The size of the house edge varies from game to game, and it also depends on the bets that the player makes. For example, the house edge in blackjack is usually around 0.

Are there any fees associated with using a crypto casino?

Yes, there can be fees associated with using a crypto casino. For example, when you deposit funds into your account, the casino may charge a small fee. When you withdraw winnings, the casino may also charge a small fee. These fees can vary from casino to casino, so it’s always best to check with the casino beforehand to find out what, if any, fees they charge.

What is the customer support like at a crypto casino?

The customer support at this casino is amazing! They are always available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. They are quick to respond to any issues you may have and they are always willing to help you out. Overall, the customer support at this casino is top-notch and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Are there any other benefits to using a crypto casino?

Yes, there are plenty of other benefits to using a crypto casino! For one, crypto casinos tend to be much more secure than traditional online casinos. This is because they use blockchain technology to store all of their data. This means that it is nearly impossible for anyone to hack into a crypto casino. Another benefit of using a crypto casino is that they often offer much better odds than traditional online casinos. This is because they are not subject to the same regulations as traditional casinos.

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