Editorial Principles
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Editorial Principles

Quality information is key in the affiliate business for online casinos and bookmakers in Canada. Since there are numerous amounts of data available on the internet about the different policies and programs of international casinos, we decided to bring clarity to the situation by explaining what we do here at Casinoforcanada.com for Canadian residents.

Our Editorial Principles

Editorial principles of Casinoforcanada.com

Our main mission is to supply readers and gamblers with the most accurate, informative, and reliable information about the gambling industry in Canada. Hence, our content is based on online casinos and their evaluation process, sports betting platforms, horse betting, and other specialties.

For clarity and authenticity, we have come up with our own editorial principles to demonstrate our work ethics and determination. In saying so, our editorial principles consist of the standards that we follow to ensure ethical, independent, accurate, and relevant distribution of casino content for our beloved Canadian players.

The primary functions of our editorial principles are highlighted below:

  • To ensure that writers and editors of the website conform to rules and regulations illustrated here for reference.
  • Clear, accurate, reliable, and relevant information about online casinos and bookmakers is shared on the website for the benefit of readers.
  • All the content on the website is published for the sake of providing valuable information to the readers so they can make informed decisions about gambling in Canada.
  • The content published has been sourced from changes to gambling laws and regulations, audience requirements, industry trends, reader feedback, and market research that has been conducted for several years.
  • The principles are instrumental in our objective to deliver unbiased, independent content to readers without the influence of any commercial sources.

Clear and Accurate Information

As an affiliate website, we are sincere in our dealings with both casinos and gamblers. Our team is constantly striving to provide clear and accurate information to gamblers living in Canada.

There is a lengthy process involved in examining an online casino or bookmaker before we produce an honest review about it. The terms and conditions are inspected critically for player benefits and faulty rules. Even the licensing information is scrutinized so we can say that the casino is indeed legit.

In the same fashion, bonus schemes and loyalty programs are assessed to determine how their advantages and disadvantages. To clarify, we run different tests from our end to produce the final outcome for your better judgment!

While everyone is entitled to their own likes and dislikes, we only deliver our unbiased opinion and reviews about different online casinos and bookmakers. The guidance and advice provided by our team are data-driven, and links are attached to references that need analysis.

All the information uploaded to our website has been written and evaluated by experts in the gambling field. With that being said, the final ratings have been derived based on the experience of Canadian gamblers in different sites.

Not only are we delivering the truth as it is, but we also provide advice for casinos and bookmakers to make adjustments in certain areas for further growth.

Transparency and Independence

Our writers and editors are always reforming their talents and abilities to the requirements of current times keeping transparency of information at the top of their minds. Therefore, any mistakes made on behalf of the team are corrected immediately.

We always appreciate the trust and reliance placed upon us by our readers, which we don’t take at face value. Likewise, building our brand is more important to us than curry favoring with other online casinos in Canada.

In saying so, we love to engage with our readers with content that provides value to their gaming experience. Authenticity, engagement, and value are our priorities. Given these points, negative feedback is addressed immediately, while the positive ones motivate us to keep growing.

We respect the mutual communication we have with our writers, so any feedback associated with our content is highly appreciated. Besides, our reviews and guidelines were created independently without any influence from particular casinos or bookmakers in Canada.

So, we are not collaborating with any institution to mislead any of our beloved readers. That is the last thing on our mind as our main audiences are our readers who are looking for accurate information about casinos to make thoughtful decisions.

Reliable Sources of Information

In collaboration with the current trend, guidelines, and advice, our content is based on facts and logical analysis. To ensure that they are credible, they are always sourced from reputable publications from press releases, direct contacts, social media activities, and mainstream news.

With that being said, you can access references and links to our content if you wish to verify where the content was sourced from. Besides, the writers and editors in our team are all well-versed and knowledgeable about the ongoing activities of the Canadian gambling industry, so you are getting information from actual experts.

Freshness and Relevance of Content

Given that the online gambling industry is constantly evolving at its own pace, we try to keep up with it every step of the way. Because of that, our objective is to deliver fresh content to our readers in Canada who can make informed decisions after going through our reviews and suggestions.

Online casinos have a habit of changing bonus schemes weekly or monthly, and new casino games steal the show every season. Nothing is static in this industry! For that reason, our reviews are written bearing in mind that information written a few days or weeks ago is still applicable to our readers.

Furthermore, several hours of research and analysis are put into every article written for and published on our affiliate website. For sure, we won’t waste our time delivering content that is not relevant or useful to our precious readers.

Canadian audience with an interest in the gambling scene is our main audience for the website. We research the expectations and demands of the Canadian players to construct the content of the page. Having said that, our team puts forward quality content that is relevant to the information readers are searching for.

You can expect to find content on our website related to new payment methods, new or upgraded games, and cool bonuses that are prevalent in the Canadian gambling market. Therefore, nothing is boring or usual with what we have to offer on our platform.

Review and Correction of Errors

Despite the fact that we like to keep errors at a minimal level, mistakes may occur. Negative feedback is also expected. Our team is already ready to take on these challenges like a champion.

In any event, our team of knowledgeable and skilled writers and editors are always on the lookout for upgrading content. As a reader, if you spot anything that needs to be corrected, we will go through it carefully, and make the adjustments required.

As a growing website, we want to present an accurate picture of the online gambling scenario in Canada. With the reader’s feedback, it gets easier for us to understand your needs and expectations regarding gambling. That way we can deliver the right content that satisfies your needs.

Future Developments

As a growing affiliate website, we have big plans when it comes to the future development of the business. According to experts in the niche, the gambling industry worldwide can rise to $90 million by the year 2024, and about $100 billion by 2025.

The numbers look good for us and other businesses that operate in the gambling industry. Part of the reason the YOY of the industry is increasing at such as fast pace is due to the following measures:

  • legalization of online casinos and bookmakers worldwide
  • affiliate marketing
  • improved technology (mobile compatibility, electronic payment methods, and optimized websites and apps)
  • customized bonuses and promotions

Provided that, we want to offer more promotional tools for current and future online casinos and bookmakers, and continue to grow with them. The more players we can provide the gambling websites, the more commission we can receive.

That being the case, improved casino facilities, and satisfied gamblers is our main goal for setting up this affiliate website. High conversions and large payouts will ultimately help us reach our maximum ROI and gain a powerful competitive advantage over our competitor sites.

Empirical Experience

In order to give you the best overview of the online casinos and bookmakers, we open our own account with each gambling site to experience the real deal. To be honest, that is the only way to review a gambling site by going through the terms and conditions, and by playing the games like actual gamblers.

For that reason, you will find that our reviews and advice are all detailed, covers multiple aspects of the casino, and provides an advantageous user experience on the website. You can be assured that we have frequent talks with the customer service team of the gambling sites to ensure that they are doing their job well.

We share all the issues we have encountered with the casino when we are trying out their services before you could experience them! As a consequence, we inform you about all the nitty-gritty details for maximum transparency.

User Interface

Nobody wants to spend unnecessary time trying to figure out how to open a casino account, how the deposits are made, how the wagers are placed, how to win bonuses, and how to withdraw from the casino. We save your time by explaining all the steps to you.

This is mainly done because the terms and conditions of every casino and bookmaker are different. Some underlying factors may remain the same, but rules can still differ. In saying that, we go through the ordeal first ourselves before we present a detailed review of our experiences with the casino on our affiliate website.

Evidently, a lot of theoretical and practical research goes into creating review content for different gambling sites. On that account, we have to come across each and every aspect of each casino, such as house edge, potential winning, ease of learning, mechanics of the game, RTP and volatility, theme and soundtrack, VIP privileges, the reputation of the casino and the games, transparency and accuracy of the terms and conditions, valid licensing, and user interface.

Payment Methods

Legit gambling sites will always display a comprehensive list of payment methods that they accept from their players in Canada. We deliver an honest opinion about how these payment methods are managed in the casinos and bookmakers so you don’t have to go through the hassle yourself.

Regardless of what is stated on the gambling websites, the actual user experience with payment methods can be different for everybody, especially offshore players. Sometimes, technical glitches may hamper your player experience, but be sure that we will inform you about that.

For that very reason, we provide our reviews after testing out each of the payment methods offered by the gambling websites. Furthermore, we explore the ins and outs of it to report in the most easiest and clearest way possible so players can make up their minds about it.

Liam Bergeron

Liam Bergeron

Writer with several years of experience Graduated from Western University (Ontario) Big fan of hockey

Liam started his first years as a sportsbook reviewer. Working in this area led him to write about online casinos, which he’s been doing for the last eight years. Nowadays, he works at Casinoforcanada.com, reviewing the best casinos available in Canada, giving special priority to the security of each casino.

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