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Terms and Conditions

As with any licensed and legitimate casino affiliate website that operates under the proper legislative laws, the Casino For Canada also needs to make sure that its users are not violating the website or its content inappropriately. Don’t get us wrong! We love our readers, but sometimes, laws need to be laid down to ensure that our website can continue to function properly without disruptions and setbacks.


Terms and Conditions of casinoforcanada.com

The terms and conditions of the Casino For Canada dictate a set of rules and regulations that needs to be followed by our team such as editorial principles or other guidelines, and users of our website to benefit from our services.

Having said that, this is a legally binding contract between the website and its users which may lead to legislative consequences if any of the terms are breached or abused. 

For that reason, we advise all our users and audiences to go through our terms and conditions now and then to keep up with the changes that time brings.

Now, we proceed with the actual content of the terms and conditions in the following sections below.

Basic Terminologies

  • Any use of the word “Website” has to do with the Casino For Canada.
  • Any use of the terms “we”, “us”, and “our” in the terms and conditions refers to the Casino For Canada.
  • Any use of the word “you”, “audience”, “readers”, and “users” indicate individuals who visit the Website and who provide content to the Website.
  • Any use of the term “Agreement” refers to all the terms and conditions put forward on this page.

Acceptance of the Agreement

  • By accepting these terms and conditions, you are complying with the laws set by the Government of Canada in the Copyright Act 1985.
  • Title, official marks, and trade names of the Website are owned and will remain with the Website and its suppliers. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall be interpreted as conferring by implication or prevention of the rights, trademarks, trade names, or intellectual property rights of the Website or its suppliers.
  • Access to and use of this website is supplied to the audience with your acceptance without any alteration in the Agreement. When you read and use the information on this website, you are agreeing to the limitations set forth by the terms and conditions.
  • For that reason, we request you to read the terms and conditions attentively because any use of this Website must fully comply with the terms and conditions. If you disagree with the terms and conditions presented here, you are not permitted to use this Website, and therefore, you must leave this Website.
  • We retain full rights to modify or amend any information on the terms and conditions according to suitability. We can make these changes at our discretion without informing about the changes to the users and visitors of this Website.
  • If you continue to use the Website despite the modifications applied, you voluntarily accept the changes that have been made in the Agreement.
  • Acknowledgement and compliance with the terms and conditions is the only way this Website is made available to users for accessibility and usage.
  • You confirm that the Website is not liable to you or any third party for alteration, suspension, or termination of the Website and its services.

You Agree to the Following Terms

  • All content that gets published on this Website serves informational and entertainment purposes for users who are interested in gambling activities. We are not responsible for the actions instigated by users after reading the content on our Website, including content sent by email from us.
  • You are responsible for evaluating the terms and conditions of the Website on a regular basis to keep up with changes and alterations.
  • It is your duty to confirm that online gambling is legal in the country of your residence and that you are of legal age to gamble, comply with gambling laws, and read the content of this Website according to the jurisdictions in your country.
  • It is the responsibility of the users to determine if they are eligible to play and wager at gambling sites, or read the content published on this Website.
  • Since we don’t collect any information to identify the age of the visitors to this Website, if you believe that an underaged individual is visiting this Website, you can prevent that person from accessing this platform by inspecting his/her internet usage and installing a website blocker or parental control software on his/her computer or mobile device.
  • By no means are we an online gambling institution that promotes financial transactions through the Website.
  • You concede to not use the Website to carry out illegal and unlawful activities and accept to use the content of this Website to follow relevant legislative regulations. With that being said, expenses that arose from you violating any of our terms and conditions.
  • You agree to not transfer through the Website any content that may be considered offensive or indecent by us or other users. We have the right to remove such content from the Website without notifying anybody.
  • You agree to not transfer through the Website or its servers any computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, or anything similar in nature that disrupts the regular operational proceedings of computers, mobile devices, or computer networks.
  • You won’t produce and publish a hypertext link or attempt to access the Website or its content without authorized permission.
  • Users are not permitted to access, use, repurpose, or post content from the Website, whether it is written text, images, logo, video clips, design, or data, to other websites, blogs, newspapers, and magazines, online or paper-based.
  • We are not responsible if discrepancies or disagreements between online gambling sites and users after following a link from this Website.
  • The users must confirm themselves with third-party gambling websites as to whether they are eligible for bonuses and rewards. The Website is not liable for the expiration of bonus promotions and change of bonus schemes of third-party websites reviewed on this platform.

Content Guidelines

  • We do not guarantee the correctness of the information provided by the Website or third-party websites linked to it.
  • The Website may contain hyperlinks to third-party websites, services, or products for your convenience and reference only. The Website is not liable for such third-party hyperlinks and content. These hyperlinks and backlinks don’t imply that we validate them. As such, you are responsible for judging the authenticity and usability of the content presented by these third-party links.
  • Any links and materials on the Website must be accessed and used at your own risk because the Website does not take any responsibility for the damages caused both directly or indirectly by these links and materials.
  • We are also not responsible for any misinformation, expressed or implied, on the Website, although we do our best to keep our content accurate and relevant.
  • There is no guarantee that the information published on the Website is defect-free as all content is delivered upon an availability basis. Hence, if you are unsatisfied with our content and service, your only option is to leave the Website. We are not liable for any damages (exemplary, consequential, or indirect) due to that reason.
  • All information published on the Website, including features, images, texts, video, audio, arrangement, and design, are copyrighted and owned by the Best Canadian Casino Online. Therefore, distribution and duplication of our content, features, and arrangement is a violation of the Trademarks Act 1985 of Canada and is subject to consequences imposed by legislative laws.
  • You agree that by submitting content to the Website (questions, photographs, videos, reviews, suggestions, comments, or ideas), you grant us the right to use, modify, translate, publish, distribute, and reproduce the content to third-parties. This right is perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable, non-exclusive, and fully licensable.
  • The Website reserves the right to refuse and cancel any requests and content that are deemed as hateful, vulgar, threatening, sexually-oriented, discriminatory, invasive of someone’s privacy, and in breach of international law.
  • The Website practices zero tolerance toward spam. Therefore, spam posted on behalf of a casino or sports betting platform is included on our blacklist and will be reported immediately to the casino that you are working for and other anti-spam organizations.
  • The Website and its licensors disclaim all warranties, representations of all materials, content, and services on the platform, expressed or implied, relating to the implied guarantee or conditions of merchantability, non-infringement, non-interference, infringement of appropriate laws and regulations, the accuracy of the Website and its services, and fitness for any specific purpose.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling in Canada

Since we review different online gambling facilities, we are also aware of the negative consequences of compulsive gambling. Players who suffer from compulsive gambling are often unaware of their toxic habits and become a victim of various unfavourable circumstances.

With that in mind, the Casino For Canada takes initiatives to raise awareness about compulsive gambling by promoting and encouraging responsible gambling in the community.

Look at the specifications below to identify whether you may be having gambling problems or not:

Less time spent with family and friends due to gambling habits
Repeatedly tried and failed to stop gambling
Borrowing money from peers to finance gambling habits
Gambling for the purpose of escaping life problems
Constantly lying about the time and money spent on gambling
Gambling with the hopes of winning back what was lost
Feelings of anxiety, depression, irritability, headaches, or stomach aches when not engaged in gambling activities
Attempt to sell personal items to finance gambling habits

If you can resonate with one or more of these reasons above, you may have a gambling issue. But help is available for those who are struggling.

Customer Support Rules

By using the customer support facilities of Casinoforcanada.com, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You will not post any material which is inaccurate, defamatory, vulgar, hateful, harassing, abusive, sexually-oriented, discriminatory, threatening, obscene, adult material, invasive of another person’s privacy, and in violation of international laws.
  • You will not make any comments that are vulgar, insulting, sexually-oriented, defamatory, or obscene to the live customer service representative.
  • You will not make any statements to promote and advertise other online entities in the customer service platform.
  • You will not use CAPS LOCK to explain your frustration to the customer service representative. Rather, use proper formatting, punctuation, and spelling to put forward your complaints and issues so that they are sensible.
  • Failure to comply with the following rules and regulations may end up in instant suspension or permanent ban of your account.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about our terms and conditions, please reach out to us here: contact form.

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