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New Online Casinos

The thing with the iGaming industry is that new online casinos are always coming out. Are they all good for you in Canada? Not necessarily. It depends on how inclusive the casino platform is and what features it’s offering to you. For new players especially, it’s often hard to determine which operators are worth their time and which are not. That’s why we’ve decided to create this guide regarding new Canadian online casinos.

  • Attractive Bonuses
  • Fresh Gaming Library
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Lack of Reputation
  • Possible Technical Issues

Best New Online Casinos Canada

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Fairspin Casino
Fairspin Casino
Cookie Casino
Cookie Casino
Woo Casino
Woo Casino
Legzo casino
Legzo Casino
Bitkingz Casino
BingoBonga Casino
Bonus 150% Up To €750+ 150 Free Spins
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Casombie Casino
Casombie Casino

Top New Online Canadian Casinos by Category

Before we go into the definitions and other complicated stuff, would you like to have access to the list of the newest online casino Canada at your disposal? We know you would. So, here goes the best new online casinos for our readers. You can always come back here after you’re done reading our guide.

🔥 Best New CasinoCaxino
🤵 Best New Live CasinoCasumo
📱 Best New Casino AppCookie Casino
🎁 Best New Casino BonusesCasino Friday

What are New Online Casinos?

New online casinos

Well, they’re pretty much what they sound like. They’re casino brands that are new. But in the iGaming industry, nothing is as simple as it looks or sounds.

Ideally, a new online casino is developed by an online operator who may or not may not have previous experience in the industry. The actual name of the casino mustn’t be registered previously. And there should be plenty of bonuses for the players!

Well, we made the last part up but we believe it’s an important feature for a new online casino nonetheless.

Now, a “new” casino might belong to 2 different categories. Let’s take a look at what they are.

A New Online Casino “in Canada”

“In Canada” is the keyword here. Because an online casino might be already operating elsewhere in the world and start its journey in Canada later. The whole process is called localization and it takes substantial investments as well as tweaking the platform to fit the needs of the players.

So, even if an online casino has been in operation for quite some time, the experience of Canadian players isn’t going to be the same. These are technically new online casinos in Canada. Due to the latest regulation in the country, the offshore operators as well as the local ones require licensing from the provincial governments.

As the result of the new licensing, some features of the existing casino might change, effectively making it a new online casino. At the same time, operators tend to offer unique promotions to get the attention of the local players. As you can imagine, a popular bonus in the UK may not be popular in Canada.

A Brand New Online Casino in Canada

A brand new casino is just the opposite of what we’ve discussed so far. These operators have no previous industry experience and are starting to accept Canadian players at the same time as the rest of the world. Or, it might even be a Canadian online casino that doesn’t operate anywhere else.

The biggest drawback for these casino brands is the lack of experience. As the operator doesn’t know what services the players are going to like or what promotions will work best, it takes some time for the popularity to take off.

Don’t get us wrong here. We’re aware that even the newest online casino Canada does enough market research and focus group discussions before coming out. It’s just that in the ever-changing world of iGaming, initial market research can only take you so far.

However, it doesn’t mean all of the new online Canadian casinos are the same. For example, a brand new casino from an experienced operator will not suffer from the issues we just discussed. In most cases, these operators are white label companies that handle plenty of other casino brands at the same time.

These companies have far more resources and industry experience to popularize a brand within a very short time. That’s why most of the reputed online casinos in Canada are operated by white label companies instead of individual operators.

Why Play in New Online Casinos?

If you’re wondering why you should play at a new online casino instead of injecting money into an already popular one, know that it’s a valid concern. Interestingly, new online casinos can offer some significant benefits over existing online casinos.

Better PromotionsIf you’re not aware yet, promotions work as the biggest and most impactful player magnet for online casinos. As bonuses are exclusive to online casinos, the better the bonus is, the more players tend to play. For a new online casino, the primary target is getting as many players to sign up as possible. So, you’re more likely to get larger bonuses with easier terms and conditions.
Better Customer SupportThis is not something you’re going to find in any of the marketing materials from the new online casinos. But our experience tells us that you’re more likely to get better support from new operators when compared to older ones. If you’re wondering why, it’s because new operators don’t have as many active players as reputed online casinos. So, the support agents have more time in hand to take care of your queries.
Better Mobile SupportAs time goes by, mobile devices are becoming more advanced. The paradigm is shifting so rapidly that even the most renowned operators are having a hard time keeping the platforms updated. It can work to your benefit if you like to play at the newest online casino Canada. You can maybe even download apps for both Android and iOS. Also, the mobile website compatibility for the new operators tends to be better.
Unique Software ProvidersMost reputed casinos only work with a handful of software providers. While it’s a good practice for consistency, the room for innovation is quite tight. New online casinos, on the other hand, are often brave enough to give unknown providers a chance to shine. As a player in Canada, you can also explore games from lesser-known providers.

How to Sign Up at New Online Casinos?

To enjoy the benefits of a brand new online casino in Canada that we’ve discussed so far, you need to sign up for one first. How else do you plan to explore the features? You can always go with no verification or no account casinos that’ll let you play immediately. But we highly discourage you from playing at those casinos for safety reasons. Here’s how you sign up at the best new online casinos in Canada.

Step 1

Choose a casino

Choose a casino operator from our list. We have both new operators as well as experienced operators with a new brand. Read our individual reviews to understand what you can expect from these casinos.

Step 2

Find the registration form

Locate the registration button. It’s usually labeled as Join, Sign Up, or Register.

Step 3

Fill in the required information

Enter the necessary data into the registration form. It’s crucial that you provide all legit and verifiable information. Otherwise, expect trouble during real money withdrawals.

Step 4

Check out the bonus offer

Look for any bonus codes that might be necessary to claim the welcome bonus. If not, you may get the option to opt out of a bonus as well. Do what you intend to do once you understand the requirements.

Step 5

Make a deposit

Deposit real money into your account. Now, you and your casino account are both ready to take on adventures at the newest online casino Canada.

How Do We Rate New Online Casinos?

By now, you know what the new online casinos are, what benefits you get when you play with them, what promotions you can expect to find as well as how you can sign up at one. You may remember that the first step was to choose a casino from our list.

Do you know how we came up with the list in the first place? No? Then let’s find out together. Here are the criteria we use to evaluate a casino.

LicenseIf you’re familiar with our listings, you might’ve already guessed that a license was going to be our first criterion. Whether you’re in Canada or any other country in the world, never sign up at an online casino that doesn’t have a license.
Payment MethodsJust because an online casino is new doesn’t mean it can cut down on payment methods. A reputed operator will always give you the best payment options in Canada to conduct your real money transactions.
Game LibraryGame libraries at best new online casinos tend to be a little more inclusive than the library of a famous operator. It’s because you get more unique titles to explore that most people don’t know about.
Customer SupportWhat good is an operator if can’t answer your questions, right? That’s why customer support is a crucial metric for our evaluation. No matter how good the game library or the promotions are, a casino with bad customer support doesn’t make our list.
PromotionsAs you already know about the promotions, there’s nothing new to discuss here. Just know that the ones we’ve covered and the ones we haven’t are all available at our recommended new online casinos.

Promotions at New Online Casinos

As we said in the benefits section, the promotions are one of the major differences between a new casino and an existing one. But what did we exactly mean by that? Let’s find out about the bonuses you can expect to find at the best new online casinos.

Welcome Bonus

We’re going to go out on a limb and guarantee you a welcome bonus at a new online casino. Yes, that’s how common they are. In fact, all of the existing online casinos offer welcome bonuses too.

The thing with a new company in Canada is that you can expect a bigger bonus. So, if the average welcome bonus amount is $500, you may expect to get an $800 bonus from a new operator. Please note that we’re randomly throwing out numbers and you may never find a bonus of this exact calibre. It’s because the offers vary from casino to casino quite dramatically.

No Deposit Bonus

Well, a new online casino with no deposit bonus is not as far-fetched of an idea as you think it is. By this point, everyone knows that the no deposit bonuses are extremely hard to come by. The new operators know it too. And they often try to use it to get an upper hand over their competitors.

When you visit an online casino website for the first time to check it out, make sure you visit the promotions page. The no deposit bonus is most likely to be listed with the details in that section. If not, you can also look at the banners on the homepage. A no deposit bonus is a pretty serious deal so it should be in the banners.


While cashbacks are quite common in general, they’re more common in new online casinos. Cashbacks are a great way to encourage new players to spend real money. Because even though they lose, they’re going to get some of it back through the cashback.

If you prefer cashbacks at online casinos, make sure you’re going for cashbacks based on real money losses. Some cashback bonuses are based on real money deposits and they have wagering requirements on them. But a cashback based on losses don’t.

Best New Casino Promotions by Category

🏆 Best BonusesCasino Friday
🎁 Best Welcome BonusesCasombie
💰 Best No Deposit BonusesCookie Casino
🔄 Best Cashback BonusesYoju Casino
  • Free spins bonus 888 Casino
    10-100 Free Spins
  • Free spins bonus Caxino Casino
    Up to 40 free spins Spinbox reward
  • Free spins bonus CosmicSlots
    200 Free Spins
  • Energy Casino
    Up to C$300 + 300 Free Spins
  • Free spins bonus KingBilly Casino
    20 Free Spins With Every Deposit
  • No deposit bonus FastPay Casino
    500 Free Spins

New Online Casinos in Numbers

  • The number of new online casinos in Canada has grown from just over 100 in 2019 to over 200 in 2021.
  • The average payout rate for new online casinos in Canada is 95.5%.
  • The average number of games offered by new online casinos in Canada is over 500.
  • The average welcome bonus offered by new online casinos in Canada is $500.
  • The average number of payment methods offered by new online casinos in Canada is 10.
  • Over 70% of new online casinos in Canada offer live dealer games.
  • The average withdrawal time for new online casinos in Canada is 24-48 hours.
  • Over 80% of new online casinos in Canada offer mobile compatibility.
  • The average customer support response time for new online casinos in Canada is less than 5 minutes.
  • Over 90% of new online casinos in Canada offer 24/7 customer support.

Used Sources

The casinoforcanada.com team aims to provide high quality information. To ensure this, reliable and high-quality information sources are always used. The following sources are used in this article:

The article complies with all the editorial principles of casinoforcanada.com. In case of inaccuracies, contact the casinoforcanada.com team using the following contact form. We will be glad to hear from you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often are new online casinos set up?

There’s no pattern to it. It depends on the regulation of the country where the operators are based as well as the expected traffic from the site. In general, countries with easier gambling laws and business-friendly tax codes get the highest concentration of new online casinos. Canada recently passed the C-218 bill which enables the provinces to regulate online gambling. So, you’re likely to see an influx of new brands in the next few years.

What are the benefits of joining a new casino online?

A newer platform usually means a better user experience. Internet technology is evolving consistently and it’s not always possible for existing operators to keep their platforms up to date. A new online casino, on the other hand, is free from such issues as it can build from the ground up with the latest technology.

Which are the newest online casinos in Canada?

We’ve already listed them. There are far more new online casinos than you can find on this list. And the number will keep growing every single day. But our goal was not to include as many brands as we could. Rather, our goal was to include the best brands that will provide the best value to our readers.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions can be found in a number of places, depending on the casino you are playing at. The terms and conditions will usually be posted somewhere on the website, often in the footer. If you are using a mobile app, the terms and conditions will usually be accessible through the app’s settings or help menu.

Where do I find the bonus offers?

There are a few places you can find bonus offers. The first place to check is the website of the casino that you’re interested in. They will often have a section devoted to special offers and promotions. You can also check our website that list companies and their offers. Finally, you can search for specific offers using a search engine.

How do new online casinos in Canada compare to established casinos?

When it comes to comparing new online casinos in Canada to established casinos, there are a few key factors to consider.

First, the selection of games. New online casinos in Canada typically offer a wide variety of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games. Established casinos, on the other hand, often have more limited game selections, as they have been around longer and have had more time to build up their library of games.

Who regulates online gambling in Canada?

The regulation of online gambling in Canada is a complex and multi-faceted issue. In Canada, the regulation of gambling is largely the responsibility of provincial and territorial governments. Each province and territory has its own laws and regulations governing online gambling, and these laws and regulations may vary from province to province.

At the federal level, the Criminal Code of Canada sets out the legal framework for gambling in Canada. It prohibits gambling activities that are not specifically authorized by provincial or territorial governments.

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